Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lucy Locket Lost Her Pocket

And I found it! My old wallet--I think I'd had it for five or six years--finally fell apart, and had to be replaced. Look how cute this new one is! It's the same size as my old one, which was important to me, because it fits in my pocket so I can go out without a purse if I need to, and it makes me happy whenever I see or touch it.

In other, non-wallet news, I went to Barnes & Noble today and came back with Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People, because I love Amy Sedaris and her completely wackadoo way of looking at things, and Major Pettigrew's Last Stand, which jumped off the shelf at me. I couldn't think of why at first, but it's because BableBabe is reading it.

Both books and the wallet were paid for with gift cards I've been holding on to since Christmas, which means I got to go on a mini shopping spree without spending much money at all. Merry Christmas to me!

Conspicuous consumption aside, I don't have much going on these days. I've started watching the recent (2005, Ninth Doctor) run of Doctor Who on Netflix, and I'm really enjoying it (thanks, P!). The Doctor from the first series is wonderful and brilliant and fierce and dorky all at the same time, Rose is smart and brave and feisty but far from perfect, and the stories are fun and very well told. I'm well into the second series, and while it's kind of fun to see The Doctor played by the adorable (and I really do mean adorable) David Tennant, I haven't developed the love for him I have for his predecessor. P assures me this will change, and the show is so much fun that I'm happy to wait.

An incidental Doctor Who character I've really enjoyed (Harriet Jones, former back bencher MP for Flydale North and current Prime Minister) just showed up on Downton Abbey, which my friend K recommended and which I've been loving. Click the link, and you'll know immediately whether it's your cup of tea. If it is, you'll love it.

It seems I would consume no media unrelated to football, The Boy, or Joss Whedon if it weren't for the recommendations of my friends. I'm lucky they have such good taste.

Other than reading and watching endless good television, I've been writing a lot. The success of NaNoWriMo has given me the confidence to start another book, and . . . this one actually seems to be going somewhere. It's not pouring out of me at the breakneck pace of the NaNo book, but it's coming. And it's a hell of a lot more readable and interesting, let me tell you. Fingers crossed that I can keep up with it--because for me, it's all about having the discipline to sit down at the computer and work on it everyday. It's HARD. I'm LAZY. But this is important to me, so I think I can handle it.

Cross your fingers for me!


Badger said...


(1) My fingers are crossed! Go you!!

(2) LOVE the wallet. Serious love. So cute!

(3) Nine will always be my favorite Doctor. I grew to love Ten, but he will never be Nine. And I like Eleven, but ... see above. Yeah.

(4) LOVE Downton Abbey! I will be so sad when it's over. I have SUCH a crush on Mr. Bates. It's unseemly, really.

Get Shirty said...

Nine made me cry more than once. Ten has made me smile a lot, but I haven't cried yet. We'll see.

And the friend who recommended Downton Abbey tells me they're doing a second season, so Hooray for That!

I love Mr. Bates too, although the childish jerkwad who lives inside me always wants to call him Master. I hope his secret isn't that he's got an insane wife in an attic somewhere, but I'm guessing Julian Fellowes knows better. Right?