Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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I don't quite understand The Guardian Project. Is Stan Lee a big hockey fan? And while the guardians that I've seen look pretty cool, the Penguin turns me off because I never liked Cyclops from X-Men. How Jean Gray could prefer him to Wolverine always baffled me.

More important than my feelings for the Penguin, however, is my curiosity over some of the other teams' guardians. I mean, how tough can a Toronto Maple Leaf be made to look? Or a Blue Jacket? Or a Senator? Or a Duck? Or a . . . Blue? I suppose the Blue could be a bad-ass blues guy, with Dealt with the Devil-type powers. Or something. I dunno.


Example #4,589,628 of The Boy making me proud: He was the only kid in his Spanish class who knew what a pince nez is, and how to pronounce and spell it. I'm pretty sure this has to do with our listening to Jim Dale read the Harry Potter books, because I think that's how I learned how to pronounce it.


Oh! Happy New Year! It sounds weird to say that, since all the holiday stuff feels so long gone, but the year is only eleven days old, after all.

I will be 40 in six days. It sounds kind of weird to say *that*, too, but whatever. Maybe I'll finally start feeling like a grown woman? Maybe I'll wake up on Monday with a mad desire to wear pumps and lipstick? Time will tell.

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The Author said...

Are they going to DO a Ducks one?? Because that would make my Inner Child's LIFE. Because I used to kinda really dig the Mighty Ducks ...

And I don't even mean these ducks:

I mean THESE ducks:

... my childhood entertainment was WEIRD.